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Would you like to be a co-owner of a solid portfolio of properties? The Vista Real Estate Fund allows you to collectively invest in real estate with the possibility of obtaining profits from monthly rentals and building revaluations. It is ideal for investors with long-term planning.

This Fund makes you a co-owner of offices, shops, warehouses and parking lots, this provides great opportunities for diversification, since we have tenants dedicated to different economic activities, most belonging to government entities , banking and medical services, allowing you to reduce risks.

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Number of properties: 50

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Before investing, ask for the investment fund’s prospectus.

The authorization to carry out a public offering does not imply an opinion on the investment fund or the management company.

Financial management and the risk of investing in this investment fund are not related to those of banking or financial entities or any other entity that make up its economic group, since its assets are independent.

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