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Future Fund

Ideal for your medium and long-term goals

The Future Fund in colones and dollars are perfectly adjusted to your medium and long-term objectives such as buying a house, car and even becoming independent. It is an excellent tool for your savings under a recommended planning minimum of 2 years. Historically, this fund has presented attractive returns, superior to long-term savings tools. It is an excellent option for both individuals and companies.

  • You can open your account with ₵25,000 o $50.
  • Ideal to invest personal or business savings.
  • Performance of the last 12 months: Dollars %, Colones %.
  • You can access your money on specific dates 4 times a year.
  • Supervised by SUGEVAL.
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Before investing, ask for the investment fund’s prospectus.

The authorization to carry out a public offering does not imply an opinion on the investment fund or the management company.

Financial management and the risk of investing in this investment fund are not related to those of banking or financial entities or any other entity that make up its economic group, since its assets are independent.

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