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Propel your investments toward the best of the international markets! With the new Connection Fund* you can make long-term investments in the most important companies on a global scale, in a secure and accessible way, with the best personalized advice to fit your needs.

Investments in stock markets

It has been demonstrated that the best mechanism to transfer the profitability of the largest and most powerful companies to people, is through the stock markets. One share will give an investor the opportunity to obtain an equity stake in these great companies and directly profit from their success making long-term capital gains.

Because of its nature, a stock market’s value fluctuates, which means it has a variable return and its volatility is greater than that of fixed income instruments, but also yields a superior return in time. Nevertheless, the direction it has taken in the medium and long- term since the beginning of the twentieth century has been upward, which has rewarded those stockholders who invest with their mind set on the long-term.

A stake in the Connection Fund will allow the investor to diversify his investments, since having a very high concentration in local instruments is usually the norm. When the investment is made in a different type of asset like that found in stock markets in other countries, a much better diversification of the portfolio can be achieved and the risks of concentrating in only one type of instrument in only one country will decrease.

The Connection Fund mainly invests in the U.S. Stock Market, in highly liquid and diversified Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and in a handful of individual shares that are purchased when the right opportunity arises. This process seeks to combine the most successful investment strategies in variable income to maximize the investors’ return, and in this way, they will benefit from connecting their savings’ objectives with the best part of the international capital markets.

  • You can open an account with $250.
  • You can make periodic deposits to increase your capital.
  • It is ideal for long-term savings’ objectives.
  • You can withdraw your money 10 days after you request the refund (T+10).

Before investing, ask for the investment fund’s prospectus.

The authorization to carry out a public offering does not imply an opinion on the investment fund or the management company.

Financial management and the risk of investing in this investment fund are not related to those of banking or financial entities or any other entity that make up its economic group, since its assets are independent.

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